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Geothermal Heating? We can handle that! | |

We’re sure that most of our customers in East Tennessee are very familiar with the more traditional methods of heating and cooling their home or business. Heat pumps, gas furnaces, air conditioning units; all are common and proven appliances, each with their own pros and cons. However, many people don’t realize that geothermal heat pumps—electrically powered systems that use the earth’s constant temperature as an exchange medium, rather than outside air—have been in use since the 1940’s and, in many cases, are a great option, even in our area!

Filter Replacement: Simple, Yet Important, HVAC System Maintenance | |

Whether it’s our service techs in the field, or our team here at the home office fielding customer calls, one thing that we’re continually asked about are filters. It seems laughable that such a simple topic would be so commonly discussed, but proper filtration can not only improve indoor air quality and reduce harmful allergens that are in the air, but also save you money by allowing your HVAC system to operate at its full potential. Clogged, dirty filters block normal airflow and reduce your HVAC system’s energy efficiency, leading to higher utility costs and, ultimately, damage to the system itself. Simply taking a few moments to change the filters will head this situation off long before it becomes a problem.

Winter Heat Pump Worries | |

When bouts of bad weather strike—such as the snow that fell across the south late last week, including here in East Tennessee—we frequently get calls from concerned customers about their heat pumps. Fortunately, one of the most common issues we hear is not a problem at all, but just a normal function of a properly maintained heat pump.

Annual Maintenance Can save you headaches down the road | |

One of the biggest problems that our service techs see in the field is poor maintenance of existing HVAC systems in homes and businesses. True, modern units not only operate more efficiently, but last much longer than ever before, but this is only if properly maintained and serviced, as necessary. But it seems that, thanks to their reliability, they are often out of sight, and out of mind, which can lead to big problems down the road.

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