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LG Duct-Free Split Systems: Precise Climate Control Made Easy | |

In order to maximize operational efficiency and ease of installation, many home owners are turning away from traditional HVAC systems that rely on a network of ducts throughout the home in order to deliver conditioned air into each space. Though this is the traditional method of heating and cooling air in a home, it can be a cumbersome and expensive project to undertake in some situations, such as in older homes where retro-fitting may be difficult. Additionally, even the most efficient units are wasting energy if they are being utilized in rooms that are infrequently used or otherwise unnecessary to heat or cool. For situations such as these, LG has a new solution that provides great performance, increases efficiency, and can be installed easily in nearly any home or business.

save money this summer with these energy saving tips! | |

When people think of high utility bills, they tend to associate them with the winter months, when it seems the cold weather will just never stop coming. Summertime, however, can be just as costly, especially if there are inefficiencies within your home that put more pressure on your HVAC system than it can handle. To help, here are 10 energy saving tips that can save you some hard earned cash this summer:

Summer HVAC Startup Checklist | |

Summertime is nearly upon us (or maybe it is, judging by how hot it is as the time of this post) and that means that it’s time to start up your air conditioning system for the season. Before you do, however, here’s a quick checklist of commonly overlooked items that can save you some hassle down the road.

R-22 Refrigerant Phase Out, and what it means to you. | |

Many home and business owners are unaware that R-22 freon—the type of refrigerant most commonly used in home cooling systems—is being actively phased out, meaning changes in not only new units that are being produced, but also existing units that are currently in use. The phase out leaves home and business owners with unanswered questions: Will this impact the cost of repairs to my HVAC system? Do I need to replace the entire unit? What are my options?

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