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Is a New Variable Speed HVAC System Right For You? | |

Knoxville homeowners are always looking to cut down on their energy bills. Luckily there is an easy way to save money – variable speed HVAC systems. This is a new technology that uses less power and has many other benefits as well.

Read on to learn more about what these units are and their benefits.

What is it and how does it work?

Traditionally, your air conditioner is either on or off. This means the fan and compressor are going from 0% to 100%, which requires a lot of energy because there is no in between. Not only that, but the temperature is fluctuating in your Knoxville home and produces a lot of noise.

This new technology eliminates those problems. The variable speed HVAC system keeps the fan and compressor going and adjusts to better maintain the desired temperature since it’s not just on or off.

They should not be confused with the multi-stage units, which are not the same. Typically they only have two stages and will not yield the same benefits.

What are the Benefits?

  • You will see a decrease in your energy consumption and lower utility bills. This is also beneficial for the environment, especially since they release less carbon dioxide emissions into the air.
  • During those hot and humid Knoxville summers you will be more confortable. The variable speed HVAC units maintain a more consistent temperature since they are constantly running. They also allow you to have more control over the humidity, so it won’t be too dry or humid in the house.
  • The air quality will improve since there is better air circulation because the fan stays running and doesn’t shut off. This allows the air filters to trap more contaminants. If you or a household member has allergies, this will help.
  • Using a smart thermostat in conjunction with the variable speed HVAC system will save you even more. If you have a thermostat with a zoning function, you will be able to control the temperature in different areas of your Knoxville home to help decrease energy consumption where you spend less time.
  • You will barely hear the unit running. Without the compressor turning on and off, there won’t be the sudden loud sound of the fan/compressor revving back up.
  • While there will be a significant upfront cost since they are more expensive, you will typically see a return of investment within four to five years. You may also qualify for rebates or deductions due to their energy efficiency. Not to mention the fact that you will be more confortable.

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