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For When it Finally Show's Up...Here's a Spring Checklist for your HVAC System | |

While you’re busy completing your typical spring cleaning checklist this season, don’t neglect an important part of your home that is often overlooked: your HVAC system. To ensure you don’t miss anything, we’ve compiled a comprehensive spring checklist for your HVAC system to keep it running at maximum efficiency. Conducting a minor amount of spring cleaning to the inside and the outside air conditioning unit will also help you prepare for your semiannual service appointment with your HVAC professional and ensure that your system keeps you cool during the warmer months to follow.

Condenser Spring Maintenance

The outside part of your air conditioning is called a condenser and needs attention to ensure it works well when the temperature heats up. Several “Spring cleaning” activities to pay attention to are:

  • Clean off any dirt, leaves, or debris outside the main cabinet.
  • Check your top fan for damage.
  • Inspect the refrigerant pipes and coil for damage.
  • Use hose and cleaning agent to clean outside of the unit.

Indoor HVAC Spring Cleaning

Moving into the house, you’re ready to check the internal components of your heating and air system. A few cleaning activities that you can perform to ensure your cold air works best when you need it are:

  • Change out your old air filters.
  • Clean the dust off evaporator coils inside the unit with a vacuum or shop vac.
  • Turn on blower fan and listen for strange noises.
  • Check drainage hole at the bottom of cabinet beneath evaporator fins and remove any blockage.

Cooling Efficiency

Keeping your system maintained is critical to staying comfortable during the hot Spring and Summertime weather, but it isn’t the only component to consider. Checking and repairing your caulking throughout your home can also stop cool air from leaking out of your house. The same goes for your insulation. Additionally, you can utilize drapes or curtains to block out the excessive buildup of heat from solar energy which can save on electricity from running your AC System.

In order for your HVAC system to operate at maximum efficiency, all visible areas need to be clean and moving parts lubricated. By taking time during your spring cleaning to examine both the inside and outside units, you’ll be able to identify and rectify any parts that need attention. Remember to contact City Heating and Air now to schedule your Spring system check-up to ensure your air conditioning is ready to go. Contact us at 865-938-1005, click HERE or via email at

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